Young Adults (Youth 22+)

​Meets every 3rd Saturday of the month (except December) at Living Waters URC in Brantford. This group is defined as single people, aged 22 or older, with young adults from all over Ontario, members of the United/Orthodox Reformed, Canadian Reformed, Christian Reformed, Orthodox Presbyterian, and Free Reformed Churches, from 30 to 60 people per meeting. The meetings begin with prayer, singing, then Bible Study is introduced through a video series.  After the video the larger group is divided into smaller discussion groups for about an hour. After the discussions everyone meets again in the sanctuary and the evening is closed with singing, prayer and fellowship. Twice a year instead of a regular Bible study a conference is held, where Speakers for these conferences have been Rev. Harry Zekveld, Mr. Wilf Bout, Reverend Bylsma and Reverend Dykstra speaking on different topics pertaining to our Christian walk. In addition to the regular meetings there is also some “fun” activities that everyone gets to participate in, such as serving at Mission Services, Canada’s Wonderland, Skating, and visiting old age homes.